Oasis Wet-Tail Drops diarrhea treatment 1oz



Wet-Tail Drops is a liquid antibiotic treatment for wet tail (proliferative ileitis). Wet-Tail Drops is an alternative formula that matches a major national brand of wet-tail diarrhea control with the added feature of orange flavoring that pets prefer. These effective drops contain neomycin sulfate (a broad-spectrum antibiotic) with detailed and informative instructions. Hamsters and other pocket pets love the taste and consume more treated water during the critical period of illness increasing the odds of a successful cure. Safe for use with hamsters of all sizes and types mice fancy rats and gerbils. Considered safe and effective on other pets such as guinea pigs when loose stools occur. Requires a 5-day treatment period and may be administered orally via eyedropper or in the pet's drinking water. 1 fluid ounce bottle with eyedropper.