Red Earthworms (1.5-2")

Allans Aquarium And Pet Center


This Item Is Only Available For Same Day And Sunday Subscription Deliveries, We Do Not Ship Live Foods Overnight.

Red earthworms are great for feeding birds, reptiles, and small mammals. 


Red earthworms are great for consuming your food scraps and transform them into the best fertilizer your yard has ever known - worm castings! Keep refrigerated for longer storage.  

Upon arrival remove the lid to allow fresh air into the cup and add a few drops of water if needed to keep the bedding moist.  Red worms breathe through their skin which must be moist at all times.

      • Keep moist

      • Avoid sunlight

      • Use either aged tap water or bottled water

      • Remove bedding gently with fingers before offering as food, or gently rinse with water.