Kordon NovAqua



Kordon's original instant dechlorinator and water conditioner

  • Replaces fishes' lost skin slime
  • Adds electrolytes to the water
  • Disassembles toxic chloramine in the water and removes chlorine
  • Removes copper and other heavy metals from the water
  • Stabilizes by buffers pH of tap water
  • Amine-Free
  • Made in U.S.A.
Kordon's NovAqua® is the original fresh and saltwater conditioner product developed scientifically over 35 years ago. NovAqua's formula is based on original research on the needs for detoxifying tap water to be used in aquariums and ponds for fish, aquatic animals, and aquatic plant keeping.  
NovAqua also includes skin protection for fishes. NovAqua provides a colloid coating on a fish's body when the natural slime has been removed due to injury, disease or rough handling. The coating acts like an invisible bandage, providing a barrier against serious loss of internal fluids and electrolytes and protects damaged areas of the body against external toxins and disease causing organisms.

NovAqua aids in concentrating certain drugs and antibacterials at the diseased or damaged site.

NovAqua detoxifies heavy metals and is capable of eliminating free copper ions from solution.

NovAqua contains cations and anions that are required by freshwater fishes. Freshwater fishes remove these ions from water via the gills.  The need by fish for these ions is increased during times of stress.

One major function of  NovAqua is to neutralize chlorine (free and combined). Its buffering action is designed to assist aquatic organisms in adapting to new environments and to prevent pH shock.

- 4 ounce bottle treats 240 gallons.

- 8 ounce bottle treats 480 gallons.

- 16 ounce bottle treats 960 gallons.