Mazuri Tortoise Diet LS 12oz



Mazuri Tortoise LS Food is a high-fiber diet designed for dry land herbivorous tortoises such as gopher, sulcata and Galapagos tortoises in addition to other herbivorous reptiles. This grass hay-based diet provides complete nutrition with a high fiber level and low starch and contains live probiotic cultures to promote digestive health. Plus, the extruded pellets help minimize waste and create a more natural feeding environment.

Key Benefits
  • Complete nutrition - no vitamin or mineral supplementation needed. Contains natural vitamin E and yucca schidigera extract.
  • Grass hay-based diet provides high fiber level and low starch to mimic natural diet of a tortoise.
  • Includes natural source antioxidants to aid in the absorption of vitamins and comes in convenient re-sealable bag to keep freshness.
  • Live probiotic cultures help enhance the development of the GI tract and promote healthy digestion.
  • Trusted by zoo and veterinary professionals and made in the USA!