Flightless Fruitflys

Allans Aquarium And Pet Center


Your culture should be kept between 65 and 80° and out of direct sunlight

  • Keep your culture moist, a dry culture will tend to mold.  If you notice mold growing you can mist your culture very lightly with bottled water (not tap).
  • Air conditioners and ventilation systems tend to harbor mold spores so store your cultures away from the vents in your home.
  • Your culture should be kept between 65° and 80°.  Always keep 5-10 flies minimum as a breeding culture to lay new eggs, on the other hand don't let too many flies breed as crowding will damage your culture.
  • Mites are common in kitchens or areas that store grains or pet foods (even fish food!).  Keeping your fruit fly cultures away from areas that contain these dry goods will help keep mites from invading your cultures.

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